Beauty and the Beast movie review

Hayley Clithero, Entertainment Writer

Beauty and the Beast is the third live-action Disney film to be made following Cinderella and most recently, The Jungle Book. The movie first premiered earlier this month on March 17, 2017. The film has already made a large $490 million dollars on box office with a $160 million dollar production budget.


The story surrounds Belle a beautiful young women who lives with her odd father in a village called Villeneuve in France. Belle is constantly pursued by Gaston, a narcissistic and handsome man who refuses to listen to Belle when she rejects his attention. When Belle’s father goes on a trip to sell music boxes, he gets lost and is soon attacked by wolves. He then finds a castle that is home to the beast and is imprisoned there after taking a rose from his garden. Belle then trades places with her father and slowly gets to know the castle and all the inhabitants inside of it. She starts to develop a friendship with the beast and all the talking dishware and furniture inside the castle.


Emma Watson who portrays Belle in the movie has been in previous works of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah and the entire Harry Potter movie franchise. She did an amazing job of carrying the title, “Disney Princess” and did an fantastic job of depicting such an iconic role as Belle. Her kindness and bravery shown through her character and completely stole the entire movie.