“The Great Wall” Review

Sasha Elleraas, Entertainment Writer

The Great Wall was finally able for all viewers to see on Feb. 17, 2017. It was directed by Yimou Zhang. The stars were Matt Damon and Tian Jing.


The movie is an action/fantasy movie that’s all about a European mercenary who gets imprisoned in the great wall of China. He is left to uncover the secrets of one of the biggest mysteries in the world.


He is left with the responsibility of slaying beast after beast where he then becomes a hero as he joins a group of warriors.


The movie is frankly all over the place and kind of confusing to follow at times. It felt as if they were trying far too hard to make this the “perfect” action thriller.


Granted, it could’ve been worse but not by much. For such a hyped up movie, many are disappointed with the outcome.


One thing everyone can complement it on is its visual aspect. It does have spectacular quality and detailed settings. The music really gets you going as well as the visual effects which everyone can appreciate.


The acting was pretty mediocre and underwhelming. There’s very slim character development as well as little to no drama aspect to it.


Another thing no one can complain about is the wonderful costumes the actors were given. Which showed much detail and what seemed to be a lot of thought put into them.


The movie is known for having insane potential but completely butchering it.