Fake friends

Kirsten Woldahl, Feature Writer

It’s the 21st century; Social media is more popular than ever. With this being said, it much easier to make friends online. You can have friends around the country, or you can simply meet a new friend at your school. Making friends in person can be hard for anyone, so soical media is a good way for those people to make friends. But, does this mean they will be good friends? No. No one is guaranteed to have the same friends forever, so therefore you should cherish the ones you have right now. There are many signs to having fake friends, and if you feel as though you have some, you should drop them as soon as you can. Having toxic/fake friends is never a good thing and can affect you and how you feel. I asked multiple people what they think the signs of having fake friends are, here are some of their comments: “Well, to begin, they expect alot out of you but don’t really do anything for you. They don’t talk to you if you don’t start the conversation first. Usually, if they do text you first, it’s because they’re bored. They will come to you for advice and someone to talk to but when you need the same thing they won’t listen/help,” Alex Barnett, Freshman, said. There are many people in toxic friendships the won’t acknowledge it because they really are blinded by the lies. You could pretend to be someones friend and gain their trust, the next moment they are spreading rumors about you and “stabbing” you in the back. You should be careful of who you become friends with and never do anything “too crazy”.