Alijah Bowens

Kameo was released November 22, 2005 published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Rare. It was originally supposed to be made for Nintendo GameCube but was made for Xbox 360 instead. The main plot of Kameo is that Kameo who is one of princesses of the elves, received the precious transformation magic instead of her adopted older sister Kalus.

Kalus filled with rage that she did not receive what was her birthright released the King of Trolls Thorn from his imprisonment and kidnaps the rest of the family except Kameo.

Kameo tries to free her family with only three elemental warriors and without the Wotnot Book. Storming Thorn’s castle head on, but to no avail gets hits by Thorn willst her getting her powers knocked right out of her. This sends Kameo to regain her powers, save her family and defeat Thorn and Kalus.