Quizzes on Mondays: Unacceptable and Unfair

Mondays are hard, coming back from the busy weekend filled with extracurriculars like sports and travel are exhausting, and time for studying might be hard to find. That is why the Monday test should be banned in schools.  


Some may argue that quizzes and tests on Monday are actually in favor of the student, given the entire weekend for time to study and prepare. This actually can be a disadvantage because it does not give students time to ask the teacher questions, and make sure the notes they are studying is correct. Without time to confirm they content they have been looking over, the Monday quiz can be fatal to grades of many.

Anthony Arnold, a freshman at Desert Vista, shared his opinion on the dreaded monday quiz, “In class I don’t get enough time to ask questions. Teachers should look out for us” Anthony makes a good point; teachers are there to help us and by handing out tests on Monday, they are being more harmful, not helpful. In all, teachers should be concerned about the outside lives of students and consider that not everyone has carefree weekends like the.