Enforcing religion in public schools?

Recently, there were multiple men stationed at the corners of Frye Road and 32nd Street, handing out bibles after school. Students had the ability to accept or refuse the book, but is there an issue with trying to impose religion on students?


The men who handed out the bibles are a part of The Gideons International Organization, a Christian association that aims to give everyone access to bibles. According to their website, they are “dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone and, together with the local church, reaching souls for Christ.”


The only problem with this is that not everyone wants a bible, and not everyone identifies with Christianity. Is this acceptable? Is there any laws protecting Tempe Union students? Are there any laws protecting the men who were handing the bibles out?


In an interview with Ron Gingerich, the drama teacher at Desert Vista High School, he described the legal aspect towards the handing out of bibles:


“It isn’t a problem as long as they are not on campus, and as long as they aren’t showing any aggression towards” and continued by saying, “legally it’s ok.”