Students should have the right to choose whether to wear their ID’s

At Desert Vista High School they have ID’s. Yes in the beginning of the year it should be mandatory because the teachers do not know their students yet  but why do people have to wear the ID’s still even though it is already the second semester?


Shouldn’t the teachers know who their students are? Some teachers are strict with the ID’s and others are not. If you are a new student and the staff or your teachers are not familiar with you then wear your ID for a week or until your teacher knows you, but you should have the choice whether to wear it or not.


The ID’s can be very annoying to wear because they always hang and make loud noises when I sit down and get up. Personally I do not like wearing the ID because it is just very frustrating to take off during yoga then getting in trouble because I forget to put it back on after yoga. It should not be mandatory to wear ID’s. I am on the cheer team and was not wearing my ID but why would the security guards think I do not attend DV if I have all cheer stuff on?
Many people do wear the ID’s but it just seems like it should not be something so mandatory. Yes it is safe to wear an ID but once again wouldn’t someone notice if someone was at DV and did not go there? US DV students are on the teacher’s seating chart so why would it matter to wear the ID’s if they already know who we are?