What’s new in your library

Gabi A Girl In Pieces By: Isabel Quintero

Random By: Tom Leveen

Impulse By: Ellen Hopkins

Vigilante Poets By: Kate Hattemer

The library gets new books every once in awhile, and usually it’s only for one genre. But recently they got a whole assortment of new books. They have romance, adventure, comedy, non-fiction, thriller, fiction, realistic fiction, and so much more.

Book Reviews:

Gabi A Girl In Pieces: A Girl In Pieces follows the high school life of Gabriela in the format of her diary. Typical girl stuff; Boys: Eric, Joshua, Martin, Classes: mainly her poetry class, Family: problems with her drug addict of a father and dysfunctional relatives, Friends: Cindy and Sebastian and there’s a few surprises along the way. In this book you get to read the thoughts no one else knows. You learn about her crazy high school life and just how intense it is being a high school junior.

Random: Random is a book by author Tom Leveen about the effects of online bullying. Have you ever thought how a single joke can spiral out of control? No? Well then this book is for you. It expands on the life of one teen girl Tori Hershberger and what is happening in her high school life. It shows how one wrong move can make everything spiral out of control and how sometimes even when you can’t fix it the best thing you can do, is feel something. It’s heart-wrenching, mind gripping, intriguing and very emotional.