The Benefits of Online School

Millions of students all around the world struggle in school. Whether it be in pace or being made fun of, everyone has different reasons for wanting to do online school. There’s many benefits for the student, along with their family. An easier school year, better curriculum, and no distractions. But how do public school teachers feel about the topic?


“Online school is very beneficial, the class can bend to your time and needs and it works around your schedule instead of the other way around,” Mr. Belec an English teacher at Desert Vista. “The classes are more one on one and you get more resources. The only downside is you’re deprived of the basic high school experience.”


Most people I talked to seemed to agree with the teacher. Saying they think it’s a great option for those who need it but you don’t get the same experience.


“I wouldn’t be able to do it,” says freshman Talena Gipson. “ I would miss my friends and my connection with the world. You can’t form a bond with a computer like the way you can with people.”


Two of the most accredited online schools are K12 learning and Primavera. Primavera is tuition free, has award winning curriculum, flexible schedule, and supportive staff. K12 has “personalized education tailored to specific needs,” according to their website. Online school is a great thing for those who need it, but maybe not the best option for everyone. Everyone has different ways and needs when it comes to the way they learn.