Earth Week

Emilie Meehan, Feature Writer

“Earth Day began in 1970, when Sen. Gaylord Nelson brought environmental concerns to attention after years of ignoring how we affect the planet.” wrote in an article on earth week. But many people don’t know there’s a earth week, just earth day.


“Earth week is when we spend a whole week to celebrate and give back to the earth,” said Mrs. Goh, a yoga teacher at Desert Vista High School. “Earth week is very important because it’s when we give back to the earth for everything. People can clean up their trash, and pick up messes to make the earth cleaner we can also reduce recycle and reuse to make the earth cleaner,” Goh said.


“Earth week seems cool, I’ve never actually heard of it,” said freshman John Perkins. “Lots of people litter, which ruins the environment.”


With pollution, global warming, littering and so much more, our planet is going through many changes. Not the good kind of change either- melting ice caps, droughts in different states, cars causing clouds of black smog.


Of course we should be giving back to our planet. Planting trees and flowers, picking up trash, biking instead of driving, and so much more. We can compost to help our plants grow and recycle.


Our earth does so much to take care of us and help us survive. We do so many thing that damage our planet, we have to find a way to give back, and earth week helps us do that.