Are Hydroflask worth the hype?

Hyrdoflask were created in 2009 by Travis Rosbach and Cindy Morse. The then couple was “frustrated by having lukewarm beverages” in their water bottles after a day at the beach. Since then, the brand has blown up and is very popular. I think it would be safe to say tht over 50% of DV students have a hydroflask. There are some problems with these water bottles though, to begin they are very expensive. You may be looking to find a nice water bottle but is it really reasonable to buy at $45 32oz water bottle? The answer may vary from yes to no, depending on the person. “I think they’re over priced for a water bottle, i have a glass growler and it works great,” Noah Lyman, Sophomore, said. Another person said “They are way too expensive, it’s just a water bottle! Why do people HAVE to have them?” Neida Cambara, Freshman, said. This being said, there are some people that just don’t get the hype about the Hydroflask, but there are some people that love them. “They’re strong and keep your water cold. I defiently think they are worth the money!” Mia Miller, Freshman, said. There are many people that love and dislike the Hydroflask hype. But, it is true, they really work and if you are willing to spend the money they are worth the investment. Although, if you look around, you can find water bottles for half the price that do the same thing, but they may not be the best of quality compared to the Hydroflask. It is all up to you and what you are looking for.