Monstrous Review

Monstrous Review


Walter Dean Myers’ award winning book Monster is a novel worth reading. After winning and qualifying for awards such as the Coretta Scott King Award and the Michael Printz Award, along with being a finalist for the National Book Award, it has been marked as a great book.

The book is about a boy who is being put on trial for supposedly helping rob a convenience store, which turned into a deadly murder. It goes through all of the stories and memories of what really happened at home, in prison and during the trial, while at the same time staying current with him in the trial. It demonstrates his struggles and how he manages to prove himself as innocent.

The book is also written in the unique format of a script. The main character is writing the story as a movie script for when he gets out of prison, and this format kept the story from dulling, as he threw in side notes about the case or his family or other things of the sort.

Overall, Monster, is an outstanding book and deserves all of its awards. It’s a great read for a flight or trip where you have a lot of time because it will make you want to keep reading. I rate it a nine out of ten for all of the reasons above and for simply the fact that it is a great book.