Justin Bieber gets roasted

Preston Hendrikse, Entertainment Writer

Singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber, was attacked by celebrities in front of an audience and live on television for Comedy Central’s annual roast on Monday, March 30.


This event is when a celebrity is made fun of and showered with jokes of themselves live on television. This year, one of the most hated celebs on the planet got roasted with some hard hitting jokes.


The Roast of Justin Bieber received 4.4 million views on television, being the third most viewed roast in the series.


Comedian Kevin Hart was the Roastmaster (the host) for the event. Hart was accompanied by other celebrities, including: Jeff Ross, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O’Neal, Will Ferrell and more. Bieber received 200 Million dollars for doing the Roast.


The show left many Beliebers in anger, but for everyone else, they loved it. The show was blowing up on Twitter the night it aired, with #BieberRoast being the top hashtag on Twitter that night. The roast was also the most viewed program on March 30. Like Bieber or not, The Roast of Justin Bieber was a hilarious event.