Bruce Jenner’s Transformation

Over the past few months, the head of the Jenner house, Bruce Jenner, has been going through his transformation from a man to a woman. His journey has sparked a lot of controversy with the media and his family. His new lifestyle sparked a Keeping Up with the Kardashians two-part special about Bruce and his time as a father. The special will air on May 17 and 18.


Bruce Jenner has recently come out to the media as a fully-transitioned female. Bruce has been going through this transformation for months, and may be coming to a halt soon. Kris Jenner, Bruce’s ex-wife, said during an interview, “You really have to, like, let go,” when asked about her ex-husband’s change. Not just Kris was involved in the talk, but the whole Kardashian family.


Kendall Jenner teared up during an interview when talking about Bruce. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West talked about Bruce. West said, “I can’t be nothing if I can be me,” referring to Bruce’s true self. The whole family will all be talking on the upcoming special.


Bruce’s transformation is a new step for him and his family, and for fans of the Kardashians. He has impacted many other gay celebrities and the LGBT community. A big change like this really shows the emotion of family, especially for the Kardashians.