Evanescence comeback

Alijah Bowens

After many years of absence, Evanescence have appeared in Japan Ozzfest, November 21 and 22.

Amy Lee has announced that the band has not split up but has been in a hiatus and as rumors soon surfaced about a new album release from Evanescence came about but Lee quickly debunked the rumors but still remained to be open minded about the possibility.  Though according to Loud Wire, Evanescence, fronted by Amy Lee, had added at least three U.S. dates for November after the band agreed to play in Japan. As stated in the quote by frontwoman Amy Lee, “You know, we’re already playing Japan, and it seems like a waste to do all that practicing for just one show,” Lee said. “So to finally answer the question many of you have been asking since the Ozzfest announcement, YES. We’re adding 3 U.S. dates in November!”

To any Evanescence fans out there hoping for a new album here is a huge quote that there is a possibility it will happen by Amy Lee, “I don’t like to make predictions about the future, because I’m honestly open-minded, and I would never want to say I’m done with any of it, because it’s a huge part of me,” she said after announcing tour dates for Evanescence. “I’ve loved my time with Evanescence, I wouldn’t want to just throw it away. But, for the foreseeable future, I don’t have any plans to do anything with the band. It’s really important to me to take some time to show some different sides of myself[…]

“I’ve said this all the way through Evanescence, especially on the second and third record: ‘I have the freedom to express myself completely within the band, so why would I want to do anything else?’ And that’s true only to an extent, because as much as I could go through a range of emotions, there’s a certain expectation there. With the fans, with myself, I know what Evanescence is; it’s an entity, it’s bigger than just myself, which is awesome, but I can write a song and go, ‘That is or isn’t an Evanescence song, and they both happen. So there does need to be other outlets for me to make music.”