The Deadpool Movie

The Deadpool Movie

The Deadpool Movie is one of the most anticipated films coming up this year. Its release is expected to be February 12 if production continues to go along as is.

The movie is based around a superhero with a creative sense of humour. He originally lived a normal life as a black ops soldier. Then disaster struck when he contracted terminal cancer leaving him to die with no chance to live.

Then the same people who gave wolverine his healing powers gave deadpool the same treatment. It saved his life but at the same time it messed with him mentally and physically.

Without his mask he isn’t one for looks and he can find a way to create humor in any situation he may get himself into. Also he enjoys talking a lot about mexican food.

From the trailers, it’s unclear who he will be fighting, but some suggest it will be a character named Ajax.

His name was invented when researchers working on him knew they were going to most likely die once he escaped the serum making him invincible. They created a “dead pool” in which the last to be alive once his rampage starts wins. Once he did escape he took the name and finished what he had to do in the lab and set out to the real world.

Deadpool is known as an anti-hero, he doesn’t want to destroy the world and kill super heroes, but he also doesn’t agree with what they do and performs unlawful acts.

Needless to say fans have been waiting for this movie after a while since it was confirmed as being produced. We’ll have to wait for February to see if it’s a movie worth watching or not.