IPhone 7 latest rumors

Tre Rivera

The IPhone 7 does not come out for another half a year. But that does not mean that the rumor mill stops. The IPhone 7 is projected to be a huge upgrade over the IPhone 6s. With new colors, specs, and features. One of the biggest and hottest rumors right now is based on the fact that the IPhone may have two cameras. The IPhone 7 is also supposed to come in two varieties, just like the 6 and 6s. Some more interesting rumors involving the camera include that the camera will be bump less and flush with the body of the IPhone. Other people have been saying that the IPhone will no longer have plastic antenna bands. The infamous 3D touch is said to improve, with reports of a multi-3D touch, however those are based on pure speculation. The report from China suggested that the five IPhones tested had on area of interest. Including, wireless charging, fingerprint recognition, multi Force Touch, dual-cameras, and a USB Type-C connector. Also, for a few months, reports have hinted at the possibility of the new IPhone without a headphone jack. If true, owners will have to buy a cable for the jack, or use a wireless headphone. The IPhone 7 should come with a completely new design, and some people have even reported the possibility of liquid metal, and being waterproof. When we get closer to September, surely more rumors will follow, but for now, the IPhone 7 is pure speculation.