Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of all time

Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of all time

Tre Rivera

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner, and what better time to talk about the super bowl than now. As with every Super bowl, the commercials are one of the best parts of it, as advertisers are able to reach a wide market of people. So we count down to the top five best super bowl commercials!

Number 5: Volkswagen the Force

This commercial aired in 2011, however this is one of the funnier commercials of the 2010’s. The whole concept of a kid thinking he can use the force is a very fun concept. This commercial lightened up many people’s hearts by showing that a young boy trying to turn on a car, actually succeeds! Or so he thinks.

Number 4: Snickers Betty White

The whole concept of an old lady on a rough and tough sport amuses me and many fans alike. This may have started the whole eat a snickers trend, something Snickers has rode ever since.

Number 3: McDonalds Larry Bird VS. Michael Jordan

This commercial may have been a huge factor in the HORSE craze, and the whole concept of it features to legends going head to head just makes it 10X better. Now if it they made a commercial similar featuring new stars, I’m sure the new generation would be talking about it.

Number 2: Taco Bells Viva Young

A surprise commercial, this is one of the most laugh out loud worthy of all the super bowl commercials. Featuring older people that still get their groove on, it’s definitely worth another view.

Number 1: Old Spice the Man You Wish Your Man Could Be

Did anyone really not think Old Spice was not going to be number one? This commercial was way ahead of its time, featuring new ideas that T.V. had not seen before. Just watch it and replay.