Being a Kpop Idol

Aniah Sanders, Entertainment Writer

Kpop is or can be described as a specific genre, but it does have a specific set of rules. If you are new to kpop then a good way to descried kpop is fun and addicting. According to Kpop can be a range from many different types of artist and music styles, such as ballad singers like Davichi, Limkim on the singer-songwriter spectrum, adorable girl groups like TWICE, and sexy empowering women like Hyuna, and G.NA, to full on bands like CNBLUE, and even flower boy groups like BTS.


The Pros and cons of being in the kpop industry. Being in the kpop industry is both fun but it also has its limits. It’s fun because you get to do what you love, like doing make-up, composing music, dancing, and singing. You get to meet new people and try different things (depending on popularity). But you do lose a lot of quality time with outside family and friends. Also depending on popularity you get a lot of love from fans, and with love comes hate. Idols tend to get a lot of hate.


According to, Idols may get forced into doing things they never expected to be doing, like appearing on weird shows or having to act a certain way. There are also health problems with being an idol, girls may go on crazy diets to keep their skinny bodies, or maybe they just don’t eat. Idols are constantly dying their hair, which is not good. They don’t get a lot of sleep. Their cash low is always inconsistent and the never really know when they’re going to get paid.