How music moves us

Aniah Sanders, Entertainment Writer

Music is a beautiful thing. Humans have been making and listen to music for thousands of years. We listen for pleasure or even to just get into a certain mood. Music heals people, music is like a calming process that soothes the brain and calms the body.


“The opportunity to express my own creativity and do something I’ve always wanted to do and enjoy since I was a little girl. Music is very powerful. It has the ability to move and stir the soul in almost any direction. I believe it is a medium.” Says Tracy Sanders, a Desert Vista mom.


Music has been proven to have many health and mental benefits. It can relax the body and the mind and also stimulate it just as much. Listening to music can also prevent seizures, memory loss, addictions, boost the immune system and repair brain damage. Music can also stimulate your emotions making you feel all sorts of ways.


“Music for me is a way to express your emotions, because you can listen to a song and feel the meaning. Music helps me function and i feel connected to music because it helps me understand the way people think and feel. Music has just been there for me.” says Alaina sanders.


Music makes people move and feel all types of emotions. It is easy for us to connect to music because many times we hear things we can relate to. Music  has found a way for human to express themselves and theor world around them