Power Rangers Movie Review

Hayley Clithero, Entertainment Writer

Released on March 24, 2017, the third movie in the Power Rangers franchise was adapted from the original television series. Featuring the five main power rangers; Jason Scott the Red Ranger, Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger, Billy Cranston the Blue Ranger, Trini Kwan the Yellow Ranger and Zack Taylor the Black Ranger. Power Rangers is the first blockbuster film to have superheros be either autistic (the Blue Ranger) or identify as LGBTQ (the Yellow Ranger).


The movie surrounds these five teenagers that all attend the same high school together. They are approached by ex-Red Ranger Zordon after they find the Power Coins which are the source to the Rangers’ powers. They transform into the Power Rangers and Zordon informs them that they have eleven days to find the Zeo Crystal or the world will end. The enemy the Power Rangers are up against is the ex-Green Ranger Rita Repulsa, who betrayed the original Rangers’ and stole their power source.


The overall movie was packed with action and extremely entertaining. All five of the Power Rangers’ characters were likeable and relatable. Originally taken from a 90’s television show, the movie really adapted well to modern day society and developed and discussed mature themes.
The villainess Rita Repulsa who was played by Elizabeth Banks was sarcastic and power-hungry. Banks who has been in the previous movies, The Hunger Games franchise, Pitch Perfect and Walk of Shame; did an amazing job portraying an ambitious anti hero.