Student Spotlight: Moving along with Caitlin


Caitlin is your average teenager who is going through this pandemic, but when she heard the news she was moving, she was shocked.

“I was surprised at how sudden we were moving and we hadn’t been planning on moving so soon,” said Bowman.

She moved all the way from Redmond, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona with her family.

“I wasn’t expecting to move away from all my friends. It has also been challenging because of how different Arizona is compared to Washington,” she said.

Living through the pandemic is tough, but while it’s happening, her family plans to make the best of it until it’s over.

“Yeah my family and I would like to visit the Grand Canyon when the pandemic is over,” she said.

Luckily she has found ways to cope with this.

“I’ve been painting to relax and spending time with my family to relax,” she said.

Finding new ways to relax is important because living here in Arizona can seem like the complete opposite of being in Washington.

“Yes and no. Yes because the weather is so different. No because I have spent the majority of the time that I have lived in Arizona in my house because of the pandemic,” said Bowman.

 At the end of it all, we are all going through this together.