Student Spotlight: Bella’s best learning advice

Bryson Lafer, DVTV Reporter

Meet Bella, a 14-year-old freshman at Desert Vista High School. If you get to know Bella you know that she is a good learner and student in school. One of Bella’s best learning experiences was in Costa Rica. 

“So one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had is when I went on a class trip to Costa Rica we got to learn about their traditions and culture and I thought it was really cool,” said Longboard. 

She is currently in online school right now but thinks it should be fully online or in person. While being in online school she finds a new struggle.

So a weakness or flaw I’d like to eliminate is probably like working on my work and putting more effort into it and getting it done on time,” she said.

Since Bella is a dedicated hard worker and fun to be around, getting to know her is a good thing. You too should get to know her next semester