Student Spotlight: Justin’s experience during the COVID pandemic


Meet Justin Song a 14-year-old freshman at Desert Vista High School. We sat down with him to get to know his life a little better.

Q: And I’m Kirlsten I want to ask you about how school has been since the Corona (virus pandemic) started.

A: “School has been very challenging since corona has started cause online school has been very hard physically and mentally makes sitting in a chair all day is very challenging. And mental challenges for not being able to teacher and trying to learn feels like watching a video trying to learn something,” said Justin. It’s like difficult that way because we’re used to being in class being surrounded by other people and being able to ask questions. 


Q: How’s it impact your social life?

A: “I don’t get to see as much people as I would like to. So I become very distant from people. 

and that’s really bad on mental health because we are unable to communicate with our friends and not be able to see people,” he said.


Q: And what are things that have been taken away from you since the pandemic has started?

A : “Um, some things have been taken away from me. probably some like the freedom to like, go around, because like, my parents are always worried about me. Because I can’t go on as much as I would like to, I kind of feel like, and my parents were strict on me. So I don’t get to do as much as I used to,” he said.


Q: Yeah and it’s kind of keeping us from experiencing the things we usually do. How does it feel like to start high school online instead of like being in person being able to meet so many new people?

A: “Online? You definitely don’t think that you’re meeting anyone. Just kind of like just going to class without talking to anyone. And just because someone has your camera on doesn’t mean like you really get to know them at all,” Justin said. Yeah, because you don’t know what their personalities what they like to do. Yeah. And it’s really hard to make friends over here.


Q: Well overall, what would you like to do when it’s not that bad anymore what’s the first thing you think you’re going to do?

A: “Um, the first thing I’d like to do is probably go traveling, because traveling is very dangerous right now, because of Corona,” Justin said.