Student Spotlight: Catching small fish in big ponds with Harlo

Meet Harlo Victorino, a 14-year-old freshman student at Desert Vista. If you get to know Harlo Victorino you would find out that he likes to play video games.  

From what Harlo tells us he tries his best to enjoy as much as he can during these hard times. 

“Um, well, I mean, definitely hasn’t been the best,” Harlo said. “I’ve been trying to, you know, do the most of it, you know, it’s trying to enjoy everything. But yeah, it’s mad, especially like if I don’t know how to do something like my parents are practically useless, it’s definitely not the best.”

Harlo also mentions that he’s been trying to go fishing more often. 

“Oh, well, I’ve been trying to like I used to go fishing a lot,” he said. “And well, since the parks have just recently been opened I go, I’ve been going fishing a lot with my grandpa, which is pretty fun. Yeah, I’ve been trying to do fishing more and just I’ve been working.”

 Harlo says that he has been passing the time by writing in cursive. 

I didn’t I couldn’t do cursive handwriting,” he admitted. “I can’t even do my signature in cursive. So I’ve been working on that, too. It’s been pretty fun. I’ve been playing some games have definitely not as much.”

Overall I think you should definitely get to meet Harlo because he is a very cool and funny guy.