Student Spotlight: Living abroad with Aiden


Out of the hundreds and thousands of students that attend DV,  we will be talking about one person, Aiden. 

As any other common boy nowadays, Aiden really enjoys playing video games. His favorite video game type of game is the Nintendo switch. And he said when he gets older, he’d like to create video games for younger children to play.

One of the good things about Aiden is that he is a world traveler who spent time living abroad in the United Kingdom.

According to Aiden, Ireland compared to the US is different. It’s a difference in dialect because of culture, and everything was pretty much just okay. “They’re nice as for the culture feeling, Ireland is different from the US,” he said. 

Unlike most children his age, he got the experience of living in a whole different country. Here’s the backstory on that.

His mom got accepted to a job in Ireland and his whole entire family had to move to Ireland. He stayed there for roughly two years. He learned in a different type of schooling system and a interesting  thing happened when he was there. It didn’t really rain as much which is very common rain in Ireland. So I guess that was kind of a good (piece of) luck.

Drawing is also something that Aiden really enjoys, along with reading books and watching Disney movies. His favorite movies are How To Train A Dragon and Groundhog Day. That’s his two top favorites.