Student Spotlight: Q and A with Adrian


Q: So why do you feel like school isn’t the best right now? 

A: And because we’re the pandemic going on, it’s the hybrid thing kind of throws you off, because two days you’re in class. And then the other two, you don’t have classes online. And it’s kind of not the same environment is kind of less motivating. And like, it feels more like an option for school. 


Q: So why is football you’re one of your favorite hobbies. 

A: I’m good. Cuz when I have a lot of stuff like going on in my house, or like, Well, my personal life, um, it’s kind of one of those hobbies that lets you take your mind off of things, and you get to just have fun and compete. 


Q: So what do you usually do with your family in Mexico? 

A: Whenever we possibly can, we’re kind of like, a random family. And I’m gone in a while. But last time we went we kind of like, Did basic things like he have jokes and play around with each other? 


Q: So why do you think you go out with without school? Homework in your phone? 

A: A school just because I mean, I don’t think any kid really wants to go to school. This is one of the reasons I get. And I’m not just school, it’s kind of like not to be the teaches me the most, I would say, Yeah, I could go. 


Q: With your discipline, does that do also take discipline in like sports? And, like, real life? Like a home itself? 

A: Yeah. Um, I kind of what football teaches you discipline as well, like, you had to do everything right. And make the right decisions. So yeah, I’m, like growing up in my family being like my dad’s and he’s from

the military. So like, he grew up like that in it. So he kind of taught me everything and showed me, and then it kind of makes you more mature, in a sense. Yeah. So yeah.