Student Spotlight: Volleyball with Tatum


Meet Tatum Meinerz a 14-year-old student at Desert Vista. If you get to know Tatum you would find out that she is a social and loving person. 

“I get to go outside have one of my friends on Or just go to the park or ride my bike. So I’m outside and I’ll just be inside all day,” Tatum said.

Tatum is a very active person.

“I play volleyball, indoor volleyball, and sand volleyball. I actually tried out for the school team and I was playing on. We only had a short season this year. And we had to wear masks all the time even during the games and practices even with sand volleyball with warm outside awful coats so hot.

Volleyball seasons and many other sports have been affected by COVID but at least people are still able to do the thing they love only with some minor setbacks. Tatum is not a fan of COVID. 

“All my friends are still in quarantine. So I can’t see everyone. Sports was affected to everything we just shut down at that point,” she said.

 Because Tatum is so social and loving getting to know her is a good thing.

You too should get to know Tatum this semester!