Kick Off Assembly Adds to School Awards

Emilie Meehan, Editor

Roaring cheers and thunderous applause greeted those who attended the first pep rally of the year. Both new freshman and returning students got to feel the excitement and school pride that awaits at pep assemblies for the first time this year. As students walked through gymnasium doors they were flushed with all their past memories. All the way from the blasting band to the roaring audience cheers of roll call. From dances and speeches, to school spirit and excitement, Desert Vistas first assembly of the year was a hit with the crowd.

“My favorite part was the senior roll call because I finally got to participate,” said Kalley Dankas. “I liked it because it was filled with energy.”  The senior roll call was extra intense this year with the class of 2018 reenacting the infamous “Luke, I am your father,” said by Darth Vader from Star Wars. The twist however, was in the changed quote “Desert Vista, we are your Seniors!” They all broke into screams while throwing streamers.

The pep assembly was the closing to the first school spirit week of the school year. The whole school had fun participating and showing off their unique and crazy outfits throughout the week including Sports Day, Country vs. Country Club Day, Mix It Up Day, Throwback Day and Battleship Day with upperclassmen in black and underclassmen in white.

Desert Vista also came together to celebrate our achievements in sports and academics. “I’m glad that we got to recognize our school’s achievements,” said Ben Vasey. DV was recognized for being an A+ school at this assembly which means,  DV will receive $500 and a banner designating it as an A+ School of Excellence. The other awards included were Athlete of the Year and Scholar Athlete of the Year.

Our athletes of the year include:

  • Aria Taylor and Luke Urlab for the freshman class
  • Tori Roberts and Brett Johnson for the sophomore class
  • Jillian Lombardi and James Stagg for the junior class

Our Scholar Athletes of the year include:

  • Rimona Rouff and Scott Schlader for freshman year
  • Sevanna Hanson and Mason Harbertson for sophomore class
  • Shea Nicolaison and Askel Laudon for junior class