Students admit weird subs give them a chance to goof off

Desert Vista High School, like other schools is home to many teachers. But these teachers aren’t always there for class. Sometimes they have personal business or get sick, just like the rest of us. But who will teach the class when the teachers are gone? Substitutes come in, from all around to take over. Sometimes the substitutes can do some unusual things. We interviewed some students at DVHS, to see what their thoughts were on their weird substitutes.

Colton Gates saidd he can’t remember the name of his weirdest substitute but he remembers some of the things he did. This teacher would say “bop” at random intervals throughout class. Colton had this teacher for Film and TV Production and PE. He elaborates saying that he likes having substitute teachers more than regular teachers, because they can spice up the day, and make class more interesting by bringing in a change of perspective.

John Hunt claims his weirdest substitute teacher was for his English class. This teacher, Miss Tina would talk in the third person, which is admittedly strange. He claims that he loves having substitutes because when the teacher isn’t around, he feels no obligation to do his work. Hunt claims substitute teachers are usually lazy, sitting behind their chairs all class, so this becomes a perfect opportunity to goof off and “get nothing done.”

These are just two examples of the bizarre faces we see at Desert Vista High. We see many kinds of substitutes at DV, lazy ones, loud ones, old ones, quiet ones, and “cool” substitutes. The students enjoy substitutes more than their regular teachers, and like the change of pace. Either that, or they get to have a little more fun in class.