Effortless Perfectionism, a harsh comparison against yourself.

Every student should take pride in their hard work for every class, from simple handouts to final projects. Comparing yourself to others based on work, looks, or even “smarts” can be very destructive, this ties into effortless perfectionism. Another perspective is criticizing yourself based on how hard your work, or your own “smarts” once again this ties into effortless perfectionism. 


The concept of ‘effortless perfection’ is the constant pressure felt by college women to be ‘smart, accomplished, fit, beautiful and popular,’ all without ‘visible effort.’” (Huffpost) Pressure can get very overwhelming very fast, and will become controlling if not dealt with. The negative thinking that comes with effortless perfectionism from comparing yourself to others isn’t healthy. 


‘It’s the thought of, ‘I’m the broken one,’ that really makes you freak out,’ Peterson says. ‘And it’s the isolation and alienation when you’re struggling that makes it become so much worse than it needs to be.’” (Duke Today) Isolating yourself and thinking negative things of yourself isn’t a healthy solution to such things effortless perfectionism, there are healthy alternatives and ways to help with said thoughts. 


Some healthy ways to get through rough spots or even things as simple as rough thoughts would be to be more open as a person, talk to a close friend about issues you have, maybe talk to a counselor or therapist and just vent, simple things like that can be very helpful. Another thing, although ‘basic’, is to be more kind, you can never know what your peers are going through, a quick thank you or compliment can brighten someone’s day.