Starting in a New School

Moving to the United States has been a really difficult and unique experience. 

Coming from a country where everything is different from, the people, the culture, the environment, music, and especially the schools. I’m from Nicaragua, one of the seven countries of Central America. Leaving my friends and family behind wasn’t a decision that made me happy. I would say that the idea of starting my life from scratch wasn’t something I was thrilled about.  


I had to start high school while not feeling comfortable speaking English, especially as my second language. Plus, most of you are likely familiar with the typical American High school movies where the school is divided in cliques and the new kid doesn’t know where to sit or who to be with, and usually sits alone while eating their lunch. It’s safe to say that I was really scared. 


Everything started one year ago, my dad had found a job here and my brother had to go to college so we all made the decision that it was time for us to move. I had one year to think and prepare myself for this huge reality check. But one year wasn’t enough.


The first days were the most difficult; not seeing my friends had really affected me. However, after being here for two weeks, I am really proud to say that I have tried my best to fit in. 

I hope every day is a new story for me to tell and that I still get to go home with a huge smile on my face, excited to tell my mom what had happened at school. I have gotten to know really wonderful teachers that I know will guide me every step of the way, and classmates who do everything possible to make me feel included.

I know that I’m not the only one going through this sudden life change, and just like I know that I will survive, I know that you will survive too.