Dress code questioning

Dress code questioning

Emilija Visic

The girls are told no spaghetti strap tank tops and no razor-back tanks. You can’t have your shoulders being seen, it’s just not acceptable. Also, you can’t have shorts too short. If they are too short it could “distract” students from their learning, along with “revealing” tops. The boys can’t sag their pants, and girls are not allowed to wear a shirt that reveals any part of their bra. Almost all of the students at this school bend the rules, so why have them in general?

Arizona is a state where the weather is almost always hot throughout the year. How can you expect students to wear jeans during 100 degree weather? Wearing shorts lets our legs breathe and can keep us cool (to a point) during the hot days. Same goes with tank tops. Tank tops can keep us cool and comfortable.

Along with this, if there are rules to what you can and can’t wear, people can start to feel ejected on how to look. People express themselves with what they wear, how they put their hair together, what shoes they put on their feet. How can a student feel comfortable in their own skin when they have rules to somewhat follow on how to put themselves together in the morning?

Desert Vista holds a large number of 4,000 kids in the whole school. Because of this, majority of the students get away with some slip ups, like a girl that’s wearing a top that might be showing a little bit of her bralette. Of course, the dress code doesn’t affect boys that much, although most teenage boys like to sag their pants to look ‘cool’. Students get stopped by teachers and other administrators and have to go to the nurse to change into a baggy tee shirt, or fix their pants. While this doesn’t happen often, it still happens. And I don’t think it’s really necessary.

I am not saying that the rules show totally be dropped, but it’s not fun having to go change into something that’s not yours. It distracts you from your schoolwork, and can make anybody feel a little down.