College Unfairly Expensive?

After graduating High School, most students will end up going to College. But some students don’t end up attending college, for many reasons. A reason can be they don’t have the grades, they don’t know what they want to do, but the leading cause is people don’t have the money.

In 2014/15 the average cost for state colleges was $20,090 for in state tuition, and out of state was $35,370. This study didn’t include many of the necessary things like books, school supplies, food, and much more.

When you think about it, not many people can not actually afford college on their own. About 57 percent of undergraduates received financial aid in 2014/15.“If I wasn’t getting financial aid I wouldn’t be able to afford it”  said Ashley Yanez College Freshman. It’s unfair to think that not everyone can get a college education without being in debt, or getting financial aid.

The reality is, is when you go to college, you are paying for the education that will lead you to success. It been this way for really centuries but lately it’s become complicated. College prices have spiked immensely because of this ideology. “In order to get a good job or at least well paid you need an education” said Ashley.

In the end, getting to college is not going to be easy, first you have to graduate high school, then decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, then come up with the money. It’s hard to for high school graduates, in the unfair system of college prices were the wealthy stay wealthy and the non wealthy stay not wealthy.