Dear Tempe Union District: Get on top of your tech!

Technology in classrooms are a big part of learning today. The Tempe Union High School district has been blessed with many computers, laptops, SmartBoards and projectors. However, the blessings students have all become accustomed to can also be a curse.

Many classrooms are constantly having technology troubles. From projectors not cooperating to printers not printing, lesson plans can not be carried out. Spanish teacher Lisa Keeme tells about her experience with troubling tech, and how it affects teaching in the classroom:

“It really frustrates me because you have to change lesson plans, and all the hours of work I had done on the weekend I couldn’t use.” And also said “ Sometimes I feel like the students think it’s my fault, and I feel bad!”

Keeme also described the process of how the equipment gets fixed:

“Every time something has a problem, you have to send in a ticket to the support technician.” And added: “He’s one of my best friends, and he’s tried to help me by getting a projector to use, but Abie could use some help.”

Mr. Abie Contract is works in the Technology Info Systems department at Desert Vista. When asked how many tickets he receives on a monthly basis he responded: “On average a couple hundred.”

Keeme also made a good point about a way to solve the problem, when asked how the problem could be solved she said: “extra projectors with carts that can easily be switched out, and copy machines too.”

It is easy to see that there needs to be help for teachers and technicians. With the addition of extra supplies, and help for Mr. Contract, the problems would decrease significantly. Classrooms would run smoother and learning would be easy and efficient for everyone.