Identity Crisis

Requiring students to wear IDs here at Desert Vista has become a real topic of debate. Some believe that student identification is unnecessary, but it it actually vital to keeping the environment safe at school.


With over 3000 students at Desert Vista, there has to be some way to ensure that everyone who arrives on campus has permission to be here. It’s impossible for every staff member to be able to recognize, let alone personally know, every student at DV. Requiring students to wear ID’s allows staff and security to quickly and easily identify a student, if such a need arises.


Dangerous situations can also be easily implemented with the required of IDs. Security can easily identify anyone who shouldn’t be on campus if such situation arises. During school-sponsored events, such as dances, ID’s can be utilized to make sure others from outside schools or any random person could get in. It’s an easy way to prevent danger situations from happening on school campuses.


“[Requiring IDs] definitely makes me and other students feel safer at school,” teacher Joanna Wilson said.


Requiring identification isn’t just something for keeping high schools safe either. Many workplaces require employees to carry some form of ID, and requiring them in high school better prepares students for future job environments. In addition, it teaches valuable skills in responsibility to young adults that they can carry throughout their academic and professional life.


However, steps need to be taken to properly implement ID policies. Many students do not wear their IDs, as they either constantly forget theirs or just can’t be bothered, and some teachers don’t care either.


Without enforcing ID rules, we can’t benefit from requiring identification, and the probability of an incident goes up. All in all, putting a little bit of effort in to wear an ID badge can really benefit schools.”