Safety precautions become an inconvenience

Everyday, students are forced to wear ID badges to school at all times. While the school may think it keeps the school safer, students think that wearing badges all day is an inconvenience.


By now, teachers most likely know and recognize most of their students, so badges don’t serve their purpose in that area. With an attendance sheet that already provides pictures and names of each student in every class, teachers don’t benefit from the ID badge rule.


Another reason ID badges don’t contribute to the safety of our students is that many students get away with not wearing them. The majority of students don’t even have or take their badges to school anymore in general, and the expense of purchasing a new ID badge, ID case and school lanyard can become pricey.


As school security and other authority roam the school, they check if students have their badges visible, and if they don’t, they get punished. Remembering to wear one’s badge at all times only adds to the stress of school, and in some cases, students can’t wear their badges. Whether a student has just come out of P.E. or just finished taking a test, ID badges are not always going to be worn. Some teachers require that students take off badges during tests and quizzes so that the chances of cheating are lowered. Though there are some advantages of having badges at school, the amount of enforcement is unnecessary.


“I understand [the school’s] view of how wearing IDs is a safety precaution, but I don’t wear mine a lot because it gets in the way and it’s frustrating” said freshman Jillian Bartz.