With the 2016-2017 school year coming to an end, clubs and students are looking forward to a summer without the stress of school. No more homework, classes and after school activities. But how are clubs preparing to close this school year?


Boosters and parent sponsors have put lots of money into the sports and clubs at Desert Vista High School, insuring the funds necessary for whatever the activity may need. But where does this money go at the end of May each year?


In an interview with assistant principal Mrs. Tomika Banks, she described her role in managing the money of clubs at end the each year. She also gave insight on what clubs typically do with the extra cash, saying:


“Most [ clubs ] leave it in their account so it rolls over.”


Saving the money for the following year seems practical on the financial side of things, but what about the seniors that won’t be involved next year? Throwing an end of the year party or a senior goodbye party would be a fun and eventful way of ending the year. Or what about the teams that host banquets, does that get rid of all the cash?

During the interview on April 17th, Banks discussed many details about where the money goes. When asked how her responsibility of examining club spending and how the process works, she described the way it plays out:


“Once a year I go over club accounts to see what clubs are still active.” Banks said. “If a club happens to be inactive, student council will get the money.”


How does a club become inactive exactly? Mrs. Banks summed it up simply,  saying that student council will only receive the money if  the club has been inactive for two years. Student council will always be active it seems, so the decision seems reasonable! Also, student council gives $150 to any new club formed at Desert Vista.


Managing money wisely is a good skill that comes with growing up. So why not cut Mrs. Banks a break and have some students take on the responsibility? That way, students will have more involvement in the funds that flow through their club, and lessen the work from Mrs. Banks. When students have more knowledge of their budget, they can better decide how it should be spent, and work it out themselves. If club members manage their own money together they can plan how they want their savings and spendings to divvy out at the end of the year.