Dress Code: A revealing subject

Mia Perez, Opinion Writer

Since summer and hot weather are coming up, that generally means less clothes and more skin being shown. Students should be reminded of the Desert Vista has the very basic dress code. The following are not allowed to be seen boobs, butt, back, and belly, as well as inappropriate images.

The dress code is seen in many different ways throughout the school. Some people believe it is unfair, others embrace it, and some people really don’t care. The bottom line is it’s important to talk about at school. There is a lot of things to consider such as, who dress codes who, why the dress code is in place, and why it is even necessary.

The ones who have the authority to dress code students are teachers and security, if they find something considered inappropriate the students are sent to the office and are forced to change. How is this fair to the students that are dress coded? The students miss class time and instruction and are not given any semblance of empathy.

There are possibly two main reasons for the dress code in place. School is meant to be a or reflect a professional place, where students come to learn achieve and become successful. Which is some what very reasonable, but how is the clothes students wear define their success rate? The way students dress shouldn’t be an main concern at schools. The other more controversial reason for a dress code is so other students are not distracted by the skin that is being shown, which is ridiculous. Students should be allowed to wear whatever they want, within reasonable boundaries.