Students should leave after core classes

Shayna Smith, Opinion Writer

Students should be able to leave school after finishing all of their core classes. Honestly not all of the other classes really matter that much. Why do we have to take PE yoga or dance? What if we don’t want to be active? Why do we have to take a fine art? What if we don’t like art and our future has nothing to do with art? that’s what i mean.
Also why can’t we take classes that we want to take and have to do with our future? This just doesn’t make sense. We should take math chem phys and english then be done with the day. I don’t want to learn a different language when in ten years i won’t remember it. I just don’t see the point and many others don’t see the point either. Student Heather Busk says “I really wish we could just do the core classes in the morning then leave after. It would save so much time”.  

Maranda Anich gave her opinion as well. She said “ I totally agree with leaving after finishing core classes because there really isn’t a point i don’t want to do yoga in my future or draw pictures. I just want to do the classes that i use in real life then go home”.  Student carissa anich says “I think we should do extra classes so collages can see what you are interested in. But i would love to just have core classes it would save a. bunch of time”.Overall students should be able to leave after completing core classes.