The Batman Review (Spoilers!)

The caped crusader returns in a dark detective film

The highly anticipated The Batman film directed by Matthew Reeves finally released. This dark yet captivating take on the vigilante shows that heroes aren’t perfect, from being misled from clues, or questioning morality, The Batman goes through it all. 


The Batman sets a great example for superhero films, they don’t have to be all happy go lucky, because the truth is, heroes are so much more than that. From Riddler’s chilling introduction, all the way to the flooding of Gotham, this film is able to stand out as more than a superhero movie. Batman himself is riding the edge of hero or villain as he deals with the moral dilemma of being the incarnation of ‘vengeance’ or being a new hope for the city. That in itself makes The Batman a great movie, it’s refreshing in a sense. Now couple that with a fun and entertaining story and you get something special. 


The story is unique and refreshing, as Batman, who is known as the world’s greatest detective, doesn’t solve the case without errors. Batman doesn’t just get the wrong guy. He fails his city because he is too slow. He isn’t perfect. He doesn’t get to be the hero. He has to take the loss, and become better. 

The Batman is worth a watch, even for people who aren’t into comic book hero movies.

Photo Credit: IMDB