Russian doping scandal

Ella Moskal

Russia is now a part of the biggest and worst doping scandal in sports history. Mostly track and field athletes are affected by this huge problem. Many are thinking about trying to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Brazil as individual athletes. This whole scandal is not allowing the athletes to compete as an international team.

Jo Pavey told BBC “It’s hard because there will be clean athletes in Russia but unfortunately the sport has lost its faith in the entire nation.” Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia accused the International Association of Athletes Federations, IAAF, for covering up more than 150 doping scandals. According to CNN News, there were undercover police inside the anti-doping lab located in Moscow russia. These suspected staff members were tapping into cell phones. The last Winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia where a lab worker told CNN “We had some guys pretending to be engineers in the lab but actually they were from the federal security service.” 1,417 samples at the lab in Moscow, Russia were destroyed just days before World Anti-Doping Agency came to inspect the laboratory.

In 2012 an Australian Olympic race walker was robbed of his gold medal by Russian doping. He had finished in second place right behind Russian walker Sergey Kirdyapkin who was tested positive for doping before the race.