Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles

Ella Moskal

Chip Kelly head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles was recently fired. The Eagles record this season was not one to be proud of. They went 6-9 and did not advance to the playoffs. There were many reasons why Kelly could have been fired and his lack of wins did not help him keep his job. In January Kelly signed with the Eagles in 2013 and was with them for two years until December 29, 2015. It has been reported that Kelly has met with some collegiate teams and many people wonder if he will go back to coaching college football. From 2009 to 2012 Kelly coached the Oregon Ducks and took them to four straight bowl games. Kelly himself said that he would like to stay in the National Football League. Sources say that Kelly is the most interesting free agent coach. The San Francisco 49ers have shown points of interest in Kelly and have hired him as their head coach. Many players saw Kelly as a coach who pampered his players. Center Jason Kelce said, “This is like one of the most pampered practice schedules I’ve been a part of to tell you the truth…” For the Eagles coaching staff, no one has been hired to take Kelly’s place, but they have been interviewing some coaches. Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Grease and coaches Duce Stapley and Pat Shurmur have all been interviewed for this coaching spot.