EA Sports NCAA 2017

Ella Moskal

Rumor has it popular collegiate football game NCAA is yet to make another appearance on video games shelves. The last NCAA football video game that was produced, NCAA 14, came out in July of 2013. There was no longer a continuation of the game when a law suit was in progress for the rights of the player’s likeness. By the end of the lawsuit, players in the video game would share 60 million dollars in settlements. Many people were excited when EA Sports NCAA Football Facebook page had posted a video with a line that said “Our heart still beats for the big game…”. Fans were quick to assume that the release of NCAA 17 was coming. With the college football industry bigger and better than ever, why not come out with a new game? In the later part of that month, CEO of EA Sports, Andrew Wilson, said that the NCAA will not renew its contract with the football series and that they were already working on a new college football video game. Big names in the business such as Kirk Herbstreit want the game back, he said: “Every single college football player, you know what they’d love for their compensation to be? Just give ‘em a free game…” Will NCAA ever come back to the shelves in stores all across the nation? We may never know, but as for now NCAA has other plans for the future.