Referee asks player on date

Referee asks player on date

Cammie Harris

A soccer player, named Elena Pavel, in Spain who said a referee asked her out during a game but she will not file a formal complaint because it’s her word against his.

Elena Pavel, who plays for Sporting Huelva in the Primera Division, complained that a sexist treatment was given to her from official Santiago Alcon, saying he supposively told her, “Hey brown-hair – let’s get coffee this afternoon” while a match was going against Santa Teresa, another soccer team.

She said she told him to focus on his officiating. Pavel told a newspaper she felt “humiliated” but won’t take further action, partly because nobody else except her  witnessed the incident. The referee completely denied saying anything to Pavel

Pavel was accused of racist insults against an opposing player in 2012. The 31-year-old Pavel is a former player of Romania’s national team.