13 Reasons Why Review Show Review

Hayley Clithero, Entertainment Writer

On March 31st 2017, the world was taken by storm when Netflix released its original series 13 Reasons Why. This show is based on the novel 13 Reasons Why written by Jay Asher released in 2007. The goal of the show was to promote suicide prevention among viewers. For the most part, there has been a mixed reaction from the watchers.

The story surrounds Hannah Baker, a teenager that commit suicide at the age of 17. She left 13 tapes to 13 different people for reasons as to why she killed herself; each person who received a tape was one of the reasons. The show fits the theme of 13 by including that many episodes each with a focus on the person she left the tape to and explaining the cause, for each episode. The events that led up to Hannah killing herself happened under the span of three years.

The series has been criticized for graphic suicide and rape scenes, using suicide as a revenge tactic and the false mirage of resolution for Hannah. The show does not shy away from the details and gore as you see the razor blade cut into Hannah’s skin as blood slowly fill up the bathtub she lays in.There are two rape scenes in 13 Reasons Why, one being Hannah and the other being her ex-best friend Jessica. It shows them both being approached and sexually assaulted without nudity but it is still as disturbing.

Overall the show was mostly a hit among high school teens and is rumored to have a second season.