Freshman Basketball prepares to win in a big match against Mountain Pointe

The freshman basketball teams record is 9-8 and they have a big game against Mountain Pointe High. The last time these teams meat the Pride came out on top.

This was Desert Vista’s chance to get back at their rivals. The game started kinda slow, but later got heated. Both teams played physically.

” Our team has to be in the right mindset to win,” said Andrew Yeahquo, in an interview about what it takes to win at this level.

“The team goal is get better adds stronger, so when they get to the varsity level they are ready skill wise and body wise,” said Coach Mike Smith.

After the cheer team performed at half time and got the crowd going, a strong fast break play really set the tempo for the second half. The game ended with a Desert Vista loss. But the team didn’t walk away sad, they walked away with a good learning experience and a handful of things the need to do to become better players.