A Memorable Night in Atlantis


As students got ready for the prom on April 9th, 2022, they were compelled to reflect on the journey that has led to this point. For many high school students, this night acted as a catharsis, bringing two years of abnormality to a bittersweet end. School dances are the trademark of a high school experience and a final “hoorah” for the exiting seniors. 2019 was the last year that held an in-person prom and was also the current senior’s freshman year. The unique site of the venue and the large attendance made for an exciting night that all students will remember for years to come. 

After a year of online school, socializing has become a source of anxiety for many. School events can be stressful for students who find social situations draining. Most commonly, proms feature a dance with little activity for students who do not enjoy dancing. This year’s venue provided a unique experience for students who regularly reject attending school events due to the stress and pressure around dancing. If students did not want to dance, the aquarium exhibits provided an escape. Strolling the aquarium with friends gave students a memorable night regardless of their tolerance for the dance aspect of prom. 


For many, the venue was a saving grace and that was mostly thanks to the people who planned the event. Planning an event like prom takes a lot of time and work. The junior student council was tasked with the responsibility of making sure this night was memorable and safe. Sara Allen, junior student council president, shares one of the most rewarding moments after seeing their hard work in action, “the most memorable part of the night for me was hearing “Fade Into You” play after we announced the winners of Prom Royalty. That was the one specific song request we had, so it was a realization moment that we actually did it! It was also fun seeing all the couples dance together to that song, because the reason we picked it was because we believed it was the quintessential prom slow dance song (hopefully they liked it too)”. Seeing hard work come to fruition is important especially when 2 years without a prom hangs on your shoulders.

While some students appreciated the escape the aquarium provided, many also cherished the ability to dance with their friends to their favorite songs free of masks and social distancing. The venue provided a positive prom experience for both the party-goers and those who simply wanted an excuse to hang out with their friends. Through all of the hard work involved in planning the event, Sara Allen and the junior student council are proud of the effect the night had on their classmates. For the seniors, having an in-person prom was instrumental in their final days as high school students. This night is a night that will be remembered for years to come.