Chase White Beach Bash


A splash of water on a scorching hot day sounds good to anyone. August 16, 2017 was Desert Vistas 3rd annual Beach Bash, this one being special with the celebrating of Chase White. An event with lots of water, games, and fun.

The kick off for the event was welcoming and celebrating the “Thunder Buddies”. The Beach Bash, being a fundraiser for the “Thunder Buddies”. The crowd at the gates split into a path welcoming them with smiles and applause. It was very heartwarming and fun to witness.

The event was set up by having to walk to a tent where the attendees were given a t-shirt to commemorate the exciting event. After that they walked to a set of buckets filled with water squirters. There were ice cold water buckets all around the baseball field to refill the water squirters. There was also a dunk tank, slip and slide, relay race, and many other fun things. There was also a DJ booth where music played all through the night.

At the event, there was food for all who attended. There was hot dogs, chips, soda, water, kettle corn, and even frozen lemonade. The venders also had a variety of candy for purchase. Needless to say, most of the people there were full and probably on a sugar high.

“I liked being around my friends, it was super fun. There was a lot of activities and it kind just brought us closer together,” stated Aidan Strelnik amidst all the commotion. People were dancing, running, jumping, screaming, and singing. Everyone having an absolute blast attacking friends with water and running before retaliation could occur.

“Probably being able to hang out with everyone who attended and celebrating together in Chase’s name,” said student Mickenzie Hammel when asked about her favorite part.

After the cold water had become warm, legs became sore, eyelids becoming weaker for the tired, the Beach Bash came to an end at 9:00pm, with a final wave to the staff and a hug goodbye for friends. All in all the fundraiser will leave us all with great memories, funny stories, and ended up being a huge success.