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Sadie’s Saturday

Sadie’s Saturday

February 3, 2017

Murals, Murals, On The Wall

Lyndsey Klein, Opinion Writer

December 5, 2016

If you go to the A building or second floor of the C building you’ll see lovely murals painted by art electives in the past. In front of the English department, there are characters shown coming out of classic books like To Ki...

The Early Bird is Sleep Deprived

Morgan Donnelly, Opinion Writer

December 5, 2016

Most schools begin at an hour deemed immoral by children and parents around the country. These early start times are proven to cause sleep deprivation, and a chain reaction of other issues to students. A major consequence of premature school star...

A Review of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: a Brilliant Satire

Charles Schartman, Opinion Writer

December 5, 2016

Many people have heard of the number 42 as a common joke answer to the question of the meaning of life, a term coined by Douglas Adams in his 1979 satire novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” It is for this joke that...

Minute Music Mayhem

Paige Kaminski, Opinion Writer

December 5, 2016

Minute music helps Desert Vista students and teachers get to class on time. Five minute passing periods are already stressful enough for everyone; it is nice to have a fun one minute warning. At Desert Vista High School passing periods ...

Perceptions between upperclassmen and lower classmen

Angela Anderson, Editorial Writer

November 16, 2016

Does the stereotype of upperclassmen taking advantage of lower classmen still exist? It seems as if everyone has heard rumors of “pool keys” or “secret elevators” from a personal experience or someone else’s. When asking ...

More school clubs leading to more student involvement

Sanjana Pitti, Editorial Writer

November 16, 2016

As students begin to grow older and college becomes of a higher priority, nothing is more important than those college applications. For those students who are looking to get into good schools, extracurricular activities such...

Lack of pay keeps teachers away

Lexie Schramm, Editorial Writer

November 16, 2016

Teachers are the foundation of our country; without them, we wouldn’t be able to run the government, get jobs, and raise the generations. However, the amount of people taking these jobs is slowly decreasing, all because of one ...

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